Other Services

90-Day Letter - When it is time to call a note all due and payable and the property in question has at least one but not more than four single-family dwellings on it then you will need to send a letter by First Class and Certified mail to the owner of the property. According to California Civil Code section 2956-2967 the letter must contain certain information. The letter must come from the Beneficiary but we can help you compose your letter.

Assignment of Deed of Trust - If you sell your note then an Assignment of Deed of Trust should be recorded to show that there is a new beneficiary.

Grant Deed - When a property is sold or the Vesting information must change a grant deed should be recorded to reflect this.

Reconvyance - If a loan is paid off then a Reconveyance should be recorded to reflect this. National T. D. Service must be named as Trustee by recording first a Substitution of Trustee and then the Reconveyance.

Request for Notice - If you need to be notified when a Notice of Default or Notice of Sale has been recorded, then a Request for Notice should be recorded. A request for Notice applies to a specific Deed of Trust.