Additional Links

The State of California requires additional forms to be mailed with certain Notices of Default and Notices of Sale. Also, certain wording must be included on the cover-pages of these Notices. The following link takes you to the website which provides this information.

California Department of Business Oversight, Forms and Wording to be included with certain Notices

The following is a link to the statutes for conducting a non-judicial foreclosure in the state of California.

California Civil Code Section 2920-2944.7, Foreclosure Statutes

When a balloon payment is due and the property has at least one but no more than four family dwellings on it then a written notice must be sent to the current owner. It must be done at least 90 days before it can be called due. The following is a link to the California Statute concerning this.

California Civil Code Section 2956-2967, Foreclosure Statutes for Calling a Note Due

If you are a borrower trying to avoid foreclosure the following link may help.

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Under certain circumstances some due diligence must be completed before starting a foreclosure. The following link is the California Statute which explains what due diligence must be done.

Due Diligence Requirements for Lenders and Loan Servicers