Beneficiary The current holder of the note, which may or may not be the original lender. If the beneficiary is not the original Note holder, an Assignment of Deed of Trust would have been recorded.

Mortgage Another name for Trust Deed or Deed of Trust. Trust Deed and Deed of Trust are used interchangeably.

Paid Off A property has been Paid Off when the remaining balance of the note has been paid, along with any other fees and costs associated with it, such as advances and foreclosure fees. A Reconveyance should be recorded after a loan has been paid off.

Reinstated When a property in foreclosure has been brought current, it is said to have Reinstated. This means that all over-due payments, foreclosure fees, and other costs associated with the foreclosure have been paid.

Reverted A property has Reverted when it goes to sale and there are no bidders. After the Trustee's Deed has been recorded the note holder becomes the owner.

Sold A property has been Sold when it has been bid on by one or more individuals at a Trustee sale. After the Trustee's Deed has been recorded the new owner may then take possession of the property.

Trustee In the case of a foreclosure, the Trustee is the individual or company authorized to perform the foreclosure.

Trustor The individual(s) or entity(ies) responsible for meeting the terms of the Note and Trust Deed. This may or may not be the original owner. If not then a Grant Deed would have been recorded.